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Admissions >> Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition includes books, some field trips, and some basic supplies. Lunch, after-school care, milk, physical education attire, and sports transportation are not included in the basic tuition fee. Also not included are major field trips such as Lake Geneva in Wisconsin (Gr. 3), Lincoln Marsh in Wheaton (Gr. 5), Camp Timberlee in Wisconsin (Gr. 6), Washington, D.C. (Gr. 7), and Quebec (Gr. 8).

Upon acceptance, a non-refundable reservation deposit of $1,000 must accompany the Reservation Agreement. Tuition payments are due on August 15, November 15, and February 15. Tuition payments may be made by check or direct debit.

*This fee is based on an ACS consulting psychologist doing the testing. Outside testing may be done for children applying to Group 1 – Group 8. The Admission Office has a list of psychologists for referral once the completed application and application fee have been submitted.

Tuition Schedule For 2016-2017

Early Childhood (EC) - 3 Days $5,660

Early Childhood (EC) - 5 Days


Junior Kindergarten (JK)


Kindergarten through Group 4


Group 5 through Group 8 $22,020

New Student Fee
(All Kindergarten students & any new students in Group 1 - Group 8)

 Fee & Supply Listing for 2015-2016  Click Here

Fee Schedule for 2014-2015

Early Childhood (EC) Application Fee


Junior Kindergarten (JK) Application Fee


Kindergarten through Group 8 Application Fee (non-refundable)


Kindergarten through Group 8 Admission Testing Fee


The Financial Aid Process

The Avery Coonley School has established a program of financial aid to assist the families of those qualified students who would be unable to attend the school without this assistance. Financial aid is need-based and is available to any student in Kindergarten through Group Eight whose family has demonstrated financial need through completion of the school's financial aid application process as outlined below.  If receiving financial aid is a factor in accepting an invitation for a child to attend The Avery Coonley School, parents are urged to begin the financial aid process early in the admission process.  The NAIS Parents’ Financial Statement is an independent service and can be accessed easily.  Ideally the school can then notify the family of a potential award prior to the date the contract and deposit are due.

  1. The family requests financial aid information from Assistant to the Head of School.
  2. The family completes and submits to NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) a Parents' Financial Statement.
  3. The Avery Coonley School receives a report which is used by the Financial Aid Committee to help determine the amount of the award.
  4. The Avery Coonley School notifies the family of the decision of the Financial Aid Committee. (The identity of the families who apply is kept confidential by using codes rather than names.)
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