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Alumni Council

The Avery Coonley Alumni Council was established in 2011, and serves to both support ACS alumni as they continue their educational journey, and to provide an opportunity for enthusiastic alumni to become more engaged with and serve the needs of The Avery Coonley School. The Council seeks to foster and sustain the active involvement of ACS alumni in the support of The School and acts as a voice for alumni concerns with The Avery Coonley School.

Roles and Responsibilities of Full Council:


•             Strategic Planning: Establishing the goals, strategies and objectives to enable the Council to fulfill its mission.

•             Community and Campus Relations: Understand the mission and goals of the Alumni Council and serve as an ambassador in building community partnerships and support.


Duties of an Individual Council Member:


•             Attend Council Meetings, either on campus or remotely.

•             Review meeting agenda in advance and contribute expertise by participating fully in discussions

•             Represent the Alumni Council by attending appropriate regional events. When possible, assist Alumni Relations Coordinator in facilitating such events.

•             Be informed about Avery Coonley’s mission, current school initiatives and needs, and the full Alumni Annual Calendar.

•             Act as a resource to the Alumni Relations Coordinator in identifying reunion volunteers, regional contacts, and other alumni volunteers as needed.

•             Nominate candidates for Distinguished Alumni Award.



Our 2017 – 2018 Avery Coonley School Alumni Council Members:

Nancy Doris, President, 1991

Shilpa Gokhale, Vice President, 1994
Jessica Bollow, 2005
Matt Cook, 2005
Ginny Corrinet, Retired Faculty
Madelyn Flynn, 2016
Patricia Huebner, Honorary Trustee
Dawn Lawler, 1982
Anna Lenhardt, Middle School Head
R.J. Lopez, 1995
Carissa Means, 1989

Shilpa Rupani, 1999

Brittany Thompson, 2001

Angela Solis, 2004
Michi Trota, 1992, Associate Director of Communications and Marketing


Class Agents:

Class agents are at the core of the relationship between The Avery Coonley School and its alumni.  In coordination with the school's Development Office. Associate Director of Alumni Relations, and Alumni Council, class agents keep the contact information of their classmates current, communicate regularly with their class, participate in fundraising efforts, and assist in facilitating reunions and other social events. 


1973       Chris Hale

1976       Brett Pritchard

1977       Kate Crespi

1979       Mary Ellen Bull

1980       Patrick Fry

1984       Sabira Khalil

1985       Andy Behrens

1987       Blake Glidden

1988       Panorea (Penny) Mathews-Kukla

1991       Nancy Doris

                Carrie Openshaw

1992       Michi Trota

1993       Jamie Dunn

1994       Shilpa Gokhale

1996       Katie Grube

                Brittany Bohn Beagley

1998       Kayln Miyake

                Erika Shumate

1999       Shilpa Rupani

2001       Brittany Thompson

2002       Peter Soldato

                Katie Heun

2004       Angela Solis

2005       Matt Cook

                Jessica Bollow

                Phil Vainikos

2006       Caitie Feigenbaum

                Anna Heun

2007       Michael Mirski

                Parker Rechsteiner

2008       Lauren Paul

                Catherine Larrabee

2009       Evan DeLorenzo

2010       Zoe Briskey

2011       Derek Rippe

2012       Colleen O'Leary

                Andrew Wiggin

                Neil Outarsingh

2013       Joelle Chiu

                Madeline Cohen

                Michael Flynn


Are you interested in joining either the Alumni Council or becoming a Class Agent? Please contact Barbara Cosentino and let her know of your interest.



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