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An Insatiable Appetite to Learn

You’ve noticed that your child is a voracious reader. They ask in-depth questions. They are never satisfied with simple tasks and simple answers.

They need a curriculum with the depth, pace, and complexity that will challenge them to the fullest.

Admissions Information

For Gifted and Academically Advanced Students

We’ve been kindling the minds of these learners for over 100 years. They learn faster, think bigger, and delve deeper. They see, hear, and feel more. We know this, we get this, we allow their bright to ignite.

Optimal Challenge

It’s not just rigor. We call it optimal challenge. When we meet gifted students where they are academically and then challenge them to think differently and even deeper about concepts, their minds begin to soar.

Energizing, Creative, and Collaborative

Avery Coonley is a place where it is safe — and fun — to be smart. A place where gifted students collaborate with peers who are equally curious, energized by each other’s creativity, and enjoy academic challenge all day. It's an environment in which they will thrive.

What Is Your Dream for Your Child?

When they are encouraged at an early age to take risks, organize information, and solve problems through hands-on experiences, children gain a lifelong love of learning and the resilience needed to do anything. Our graduates will show you.

Admission Information

Whether your child is just beginning preschool or venturing into the middle school years, here is where you'll find information on our School’s admission process, tuition assistance, gifted traits, and more.

Summer Program

Choose from more than 130 exciting and enriching offerings open to children in preschool through eighth grade. Academically and physically challenging courses and an individualized, hands-on approach are hallmarks of the Avery Coonley summer experience.  

What's Happening

By the Numbers


All students work at least 1 year above their current grade level .


For Advanced and gifted learners in Preschool through grade 8.
Starting at age 3. 


A financial aid award can be up to 90% of tuition costs. 



Student to teacher ratio.


332 students from 40+ different communities in the Chicago area. 



Of recent graduates named National Merit Finalists or Semi-Finalists. 


of employees, 100% of Trustees, and 87% of families supported the ACS Fund last year. Collectively contributing $376,371.


of our enrolled students identify as people of color.


Nearly three-quarters of our faculty hold advanced degrees and the average tenure of an ACS teacher is nine years.