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Lower & Middle School



Now is the time to open their full potential.

The Avery Coonley School provides an invigorating experience for children who want to be challenged. We harness the energy of this critical time in bright children’s lives when an inspiring learning community can help them soar. 

At Avery Coonley, gifted and high-achieving children collaborate within a curriculum that offers the depth, pace, and complexity to challenge them to the fullest. All students learn through exploration and work at least one year above their current grade level.

Our program serves highly motivated, high-ability learners. The admission process for all students includes IQ testing. 

  • Lower School: Kindergarten–Group 4 (K through fourth grades)
  • Middle School: Groups 5–8 (fifth through eighth grades)

Our student–teacher ratios allow for a highly individualized academic experience. Classes and schedules include plentiful one-on-one time with teachers.


Imagination Soars

Is it the ACS Challenge Course—or a pirate ship? In a Group Two drama class activity, students create their own pirate character, talk like a pirate, and pursue a pirate objective with their skills while facing obstacles on the course.


Deeper Learning

From community, geography, and history to French language, music, and literature, themes of study connect multiple subjects throughout grades for deeper learning based in real-world problem solving. Science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics are integrated into a flexible, highly experiential curriculum influenced by student interests.



Middle School Athletics

ACS teams compete in basketball, soccer, track and field, and volleyball. More than 50% of middle schoolers participate in a team sport.

Student Clubs

In addition to an award-winning Student Council, students can choose from extracurriculars such as poetry club, MathCounts, STEAM, the debate team, and chess.

Why Groups?

We refer to each grade as a “group” because the curriculum is at least a year above grade level. By the end of Group Eight, students will have completed the equivalent of ninth-grade work.



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