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Student constructing object in Makerspace


We're excited to explore the possibilities that having a Makerspace at ACS has made accessible for our students and school community! We'll be sharing regular updates of progress and ongoing Makerspace projects, courtesy of our partner, TinkRworks. Our first update includes news from the previous two weeks such as:

  • Digital-design Makerspace module operational. The first module in the ACS Makerspace is now operational, namely the digital-design station. This station consists of two MakerGear 3D printers, supporting software, and to date, one iMAC computer (two more are enroute) that students will use for computer-aided design (CAD).
  • Digital-design module successfully used with first set of ACS students. The digital-design module was used by 3rd and 4th group students as part of TinkRworks’ SuperBots project; students successfully designed (in CAD) and 3D-printed robot nameplates which they will affix to their robots. The same set of students also began designing other custom artwork in CAD that they will 3D print and use to personalize their bots.
  • Critical supporting toolsets for makerspace received. Supporting toolsets such as the SawStop table saw has come in and will shortly be set-up.Additionally, the CNC milling machine (carves out CAD- designed items into materials such as wood, plastic, metal) was delivered and is being prepared for installation.
  • Electronics module brought on-line. Numerous electronics components were received and set-up to allow a functioning electronics module for ACS. In total, three separate soldering stations were brought on-line and tested successfully. ACS now has the capability to allow users to wire electrical components to one another, which is foundational for pursuing any form of electronics. Additionally, key components including Arduino microcontrollers (can be thought of as a “mini computer”) and sensors have arrived and have been tested successfully. These are now ready to use in ACS projects.
  • Fruitful discussions held with several ACS staff members. TinkRworks have connected with the Art, Middle School Literacy, and Technology teachers to brainstorm how to offer guidance to students in the near term with mastaba, Passion Projects, and Coding curricula. Teachers and TinkRworks representatives have also had fruitful discussions about collaboration and design-thinking principles and approaches.

We will continue to provide periodic updates on the ACS Makerspace as they become available.