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Tuition & Affordability

Girl traversing the outdoor challenge course

The Avery Coonley School seeks to admit creative, talented, curious, and motivated children regardless of socioeconomic background. Our admission process is need-blind with admission decisions made independently of a child’s financial need. If you are concerned that the full cost of our testing or tuition may be out of your reach, we encourage you to contact us to discuss financial assistance options, visit the school, and apply.

We believe that when children are encouraged and inspired to put their full intellect and passion into all they do, there is no limit on what they can do in life. Contact our admissions team at 630-969-0800, ext.7213 or  


Financial Assistance


Financial assistance awards for tuition and testing can be up to 90% of full cost.


More than $850,000 in need-based financial assistance is awarded to families each year.


Approximately 20% of our current families receive some level of financial assistance. 

To be surrounded by kids who wanted to push themselves in every realm—from math to drama to science to art—is something that I am so grateful for having had as I formulated who I was becoming and where I wanted to go. Molly Kinsella ’04, Stanford Graduate and Member of the USA Women’s National Rugby Team

Connect With Our Admissions Office

Zoe Johnson

Zoe Johnson
Registrar and Administrative Assistant

630-969-0800 ext. 7214

Photo of Kristen Teague

Kristen Teague
Director of Enrollment and
Financial Aid 

630-969-0800, ext. 7213