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This blog explores, from multiple perspectives, gifted education in general and The Avery Coonley School experience in particular. Welcome to the conversation!


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ACS Alumni Abroad: Danila Kurganov

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Our ACS Alumni are always doing interesting things and making their mark on the world. Here is one alum's story about moving and studying abroad:

 Hi everyone. It's Danila Kurganov, Class of 2014, writing from England!

 What made your family decide to move abroad?
My dad was given the chance to work in London for his firm, and as a family we decided to take this unique opportunity and live with him in London.

How is school in England different from school in the United States?
In the last two years of British High School students choose to study three subjects that they’re really passionate about (although they can technically take as many subjects as they’d like), and these subjects are then taught at AP/college level for two years. As students are genuinely interested in their subjects (or at least don’t dislike them), most of their extra time goes into learning their subjects deeply (what they’re supposed to do at least). For this reason, it only take three years at university to get a BA degree (as opposed to four in America).

Tell us all about your life – What are some favorite hobbies? Is there anything you really enjoy doing? Do you have any news about your family you would like to share?
Living in England is fantastic, I’ve met some of my closest and best friends here. In my free time I enjoy playing saxophone, guitar, and teaching myself how to code. Most of my time though is spent on helping younger years at my school; this includes helping them prepare for the UK Maths Challenge (British version of AMC), as well as running a STEM club where students are now working on making catapults. I enjoy seeing students get very passionate on something they previously thought was dull. My family is also quite happy living here, and my little brother is the first in the family to talk with a British accent!

 Thinking back, what is one of your favorite memories from your time at ACS?
The thing that immediately pops into my head was making movies for Drama. Weeks of writing scripts, acting, and filming was a hard but enjoyable task. Everything seemed to work on paper, but when we tried to film a scene either someone had too much makeup on, or clothing changed mid-scene, or the massive camera decided to quit working. All this quirkiness was then recorded onto a CD for the school to watch during assembly. Quite fun this was!

 What advice would you give to any student who wants to study abroad?
My advice for anyone deciding to study abroad is to think about how your decision affects your future. Once you move to another country, it’ll be harder for you to go back to America and study at College or University. Does moving provide you with a new opportunity? If you want to study abroad "just because", really think about your decision some more.

 Do you have any news to share? Be sure to fill out a class note!

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