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Lucia Burton Morse Teacher Grants

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Lucia Burton Morse Teacher Grants


Lucia Burton Morse, together with Charlotte Krum, began a kindergarten on the Coonley estate in 1906. She worked closely with Queene Ferry Coonley to establish the Cottage School, the Junior Elementary School, and The Avery Coonley School, which she headed until her death in 1940. Miss Morse was a woman of great kindness and understanding, an innovative educator, and our school’s first teacher.


The Morse Teacher Grants program funds activities that go above and beyond routine professional development. Through specialized research, unique travel opportunities, and collaboration with colleagues around the world, faculty will grow in both the art and science of teaching. The experiences funded through these grants will benefit both teachers and students and will provide countless new sources of inspiration for the curriculum.


The Morse Grants will be the next step in the development and support of a highly qualified and highly motivated faculty that will continue to provide an academic program of excellence for our students and firmly position The Avery Coonley School as a leader in gifted education. Our faculty will be further inspired to exchange knowledge, share insights, encourage growth, and journey together with our students. The teacher-student relationship, the very core of the ACS experience, will be strengthened.




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