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"Why I Give"

Why I Give


The future can’t wait.

From teachers and traditions to friends and transformational experiences, there is much that inspires our donors about The Avery Coonley School. And they know that new generations can’t wait to share it.

Grateful parents, alumni, past parents, and more continue a legacy of generosity that has made everything at Avery Coonley possible. For this, we share our deepest thanks.


The Pandya Family 

“Thank you to the amazing ACS faculty and staff for all that you do each and every day—especially this year and especially with the grace, kindness, and warmth with which you do it. We are very inspired by you and grateful as well.” 

I have many fond memories of going to school at Avery Coonley. I remember all the traditions and all of my teachers. I received a wonderful education that really served as the foundation for a successful life. I was given an opportunity to attend a great school, so I always want to do my part to make sure ACS remains a great school.

Lloyd “Chip” Fry ’67

Shilpa Rupani ’99

“My time at Avery Coonley was so formative to my youth. I continue to give back each year to help enhance the experiences of current students to ensure their time is as formative as mine was.” 


The Kipp Family (Bob ’79, Jingjing, Adam ’19, and Julia ’22)

“When we think of Avery Coonley, we wonder if fellow alumni share our tendency to first recall its idyllic campus, this gem in west suburban Chicago. Reminiscences of experiences, teachers, friends, and ceremonies are anchored by recollections of its splendid grounds. We give to help the school stay resilient so future students will have the same opportunities to form their own memories.”  

I’m thankful for all that The Avery Coonley School has given to me in my 39 years here, both personally and professionally, and I’m very honored to give back in support of the school.

Anna Lenhardt, ACS Secondary School Coordinator, former Middle School Head