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Alexis Bryant

For these kids, “tell me more” goes to their core. Learn more about how ACS provides Maximum Challenge for our students through methods in class with our Fifth and Sixth Literacy Teacher and Language Arts Department Chair Alexis Bryant.

"Even if they stumble or become stuck, they know that their teachers and peers are there to support them.

When they succeed, they can relish in their victory, but also, they know another level of challenge is on the horizon."

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  • Gifted Learning
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Anna Lenhardt

"Regardless of where they’ve come from or when they first arrive at Avery Coonley, all ACS families have one attribute in common: they have spent considerable time and effort in order to find an exceptional elementary school where their children’s intellect, curiosity, and creativity would be nurtured and enhanced through 8th grade. It only makes sense that those same families would devote equal energy to finding the secondary school that can continue that journey."

As a part of their time here at ACS, we are happy to assist our students with secondary school placement. Learn more about the process by reading this article from our guest blogger, Mrs. Lenhardt!

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