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For these kids, “tell me more” goes to their core.

The Avery Coonley School provides an invigorating experience for children who want to be challenged. Founded by an educational innovator who opened the first kindergartens in the Chicago area, we offer an accelerated and enriched curriculum in which gifted and high-achieving children age 3 through grade 8 learn through exploration. 

ACS students together create a unique collaborative culture where the drive to learn transcends all other differences. Deeply involved parents and highly committed faculty support this community of children, who learn together and learn by doing, and who welcome, include, and support each other in their diversity.

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The ACS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council guides us in new initiatives and advocacy. Learn more.

ACS matters. We care about the whole child, their relationships with each other and us. We make learning personal. We tap into what makes them amazing, and we lift them up. This is not happening in every school. We know how to prioritize what kids need—which may simply be an acknowledgment that they are little humans who have big feelings.

Group 1 Teacher Sunshine Echevarria