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The Gifted Ed Podcast

Two young girls smiling at the camera

The Gifted Ed Podcast was developed as a resource for educators who work with gifted and high-ability students and for our parent community. Gifted children have advanced cognitive abilities for their age and this asynchronous development can often come with heightened intensity. Combined, this dissonance can create an inner experience and awareness that is qualitatively different from the norm. Through our podcast, we explore the complexities of educating gifted children through the sharing of experiences and interviews with educators and other professionals who work with gifted children.  

Recent Episodes

Episode 16:

Navigating the Digital World

child looking at a digital tablet

Episode 17:

Supporting Gifted

Kids excitedly working on a computer

Episode 18:

Part 1: Executive

Puzzle pieces fitting together

Episode 19:

Part 2: Executive

Puzzle pieces fitting together

Episode 20:

Part 3: Executive

Puzzle pieces fitting together
Episode 21:

Addressing Anxiety in Gifted Students

GiftedEd Podcast Image Episode on Anxiety

Past Episodes

Meet Our Hosts

Photo of Angel Van Howe

Angel Van Howe

Social Emotional Facilitator and Gifted Coordinator

Photo of Meghan McCarthy

Meghan McCarthy

Social Worker

One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar!"

Helen Keller


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