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The purpose of The Avery Coonley School program is to meet the diverse needs of gifted learners, provided by highly qualified instructors who understand and embrace those needs. The three components that, in combination, make the Avery Coonley experience unique are our students, our faculty, and our curriculum. The students and faculty are carefully selected. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed. The result is a nurturing environment characterized by challenging learning experiences and the freedom to explore.

This unique combination of the students, faculty, and curriculum is enhanced and supported by a truly understanding and professional administration, a high level of parental involvement, and a beautiful campus.

Similar in their intense curiosity about the world around them and their love of learning, our students have a wide range of interests, talents, and abilities. Whether involved in a lively classroom discussion, solving a math problem, or spending hours researching a topic of interest, our students are fully engaged learners. Serious about school, they strive to do their best, developing excellent time-management and study skills along the way.
Like-minded in their desire to learn and grow, students thrive at Avery Coonley. We hear this from their parents, we see it in their faces, and we know it from the many awards and honors our students receive.
Avery Coonley understands the needs of gifted students. They often exhibit traits that set them apart from other children of their age.

• They thrive on complexity. They don't simply enjoy complex challenges, they seem to need them.

• They tend to be perfectionists. They may not be satisfied with a 98% on an exam or may become impatient if they acquire an answer sooner than others.

• They are extremely curious. They become deeply engaged in their work.

• They can be voracious readers and routinely select books above their grade level.

Not all gifted students exhibit all of these traits. Our faculty truly understands motivated children of high intelligence and provides a classroom experience in which they will flourish. See the resources below for more information regarding giftedness:
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