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The ACS Fund

The Avery Coonley School is committed to the success of each of its students. In order to maintain an exceptional educational program, and provide an outstanding learning environment and faculty of the highest quality, the financial foundation of ACS must be strong. Tuition alone does not cover the cost of educating a student at ACS. A robust and growing annual giving program is essential to continue our long-standing tradition of excellence. Please invest in the success of all ACS students of today and tomorrow with a charitable, tax-deductible gift for the ACS Fund. Click here to donate to the ACS Fund now.

The Avery Coonley School is an IRS approved 501c3 tax exempt organization. Our Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN) is 36-2171680. All gifts are gratefully received and are acknowledged with a letter and receipt for your tax records. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

Leadership Giving Circles




Elizabeth Coonley Circle $10,000 and above

Jens Jensen Circle $7,500 to $9,999

Waldron Faulkner Circle $5,000 to $7,499

Henry Chapman Mercer Circle $2,500 to $4,999

Lucia Burton Morse Circle $1,000 to $2,499
Maple Tappers Circle $500 to $999

Bell Ringers Circle $250 to $499

Cloister Circle Gifts up to $250



About the Giving Circles

Elizabeth Coonley was the only child of Avery and Queene Ferry Coonley, and was the first student of the school

Jens Jensen, the famed landscape architect and naturalist, designed the school grounds including the stunning rock pond garden

Waldron Faulkner, Avery and Queene’s son-in-law, created the 1929 school building as one of his first architectural projects

Henry Chapman Mercer developed the fireplace and floor tiles and the Cloister triptych that give the school much of its character and beauty

Lucia Burton Morse was the first Head of School and worked closely with Mrs. Coonley for over 30 years

• The Maple Tapping tradition dates back to the earliest days of the school, and is one of the fondest memories of many alumni

• The Ringing of the Bell has signaled the start of a new school day for decades

• The Cloister is the physical and symbolic center of the school, a place of both serenity and action


The ACS Fund Frequently Asked Questions


What is the ACS Fund?

Funds raised through the ACS Fund (formerly called the Annual Giving Fund) go directly to the school’s operating budget. With the support of parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, foundations, corporations, and other friends of the school, the "gap” between tuition revenues and a balanced budget is filled. This ensures a strong financial foundation for the school and allows the school to:

· Provide an academic program of excellence

· Promote a community of character and leadership

· Sustain small class sizes

· Utilize state-of-the-art technology in the classroom

· Maintain a beautiful and historically significant campus

· Offer a financial aid program that supports the school’s commitment to economic diversity

· Underwrite comprehensive professional development opportunities for faculty

What is the cost of educating a student at the school?

The school’s annual operating budget for this school year is $6,873,770.  When averaged among all full-day students, this expenditure is $21,286. Tuition covers only 89% of the total costs of a full-day ACS education.

What is the goal of the 2016-2017 ACS Fund?

Our most important goal is 100% participation from all school families within 100 days. Typically, we reach (or come very close to) 100% of school families supporting the Fund. We hope to continue to reach this goal and respectfully ask each school family to consider increasing their gift this year.  

What is the "typical" gift made by school families?

Each family is asked to give to the best of their ability, while being mindful of the true cost of an Avery Coonley School education. Last year, gifts ranged from $25 to $20,000. Gifts of all amounts are appreciated.

Are all ACS families asked to contribute to the ACS Fund?

Yes, all school families (Early Childhood through Eighth Group) are asked to support the ACS Fund.

Can I make my gift online?

Yes! Gifts to the ACS Fund can be made. Go to to begin the simple process. 

Can the school qualify for matching gifts from corporations?

Definitely. The ACS Office of Development would be pleased to help facilitate matching gifts. Donor levels of recognition will include the amount of any matching gifts. 

Can I make a gift of stock to the school?

Gifts of stocks, bonds, or other securities are welcomed by the school and may be given in the following ways:

· By transferring ownership of the stock to the school.

· By instructing your broker to sell the stock and send proceeds to the school (by check or direct wire to the ACS account).

Please contact the ACS Office of Development for assistance with gifts of securities.  

Are school families asked to support other school funds?

Philanthropic support of the ACS Fund and the Annual Auction are the most critical needs of the school. All school families are expected to support both of these fundraising programs. 

What are the other sources of support?

Income is also obtained from programs, fees, and activities such as the Summer School Program, facilities rental, admission applications, new student fees, the hot lunch program, testing, and interest income.

How will contributions be recognized?

All contributions are recognized in the Annual Report.

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