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Distinguished Alumni

The Avery Coonley School Distinguished Alumni Award


The Avery Coonley School has given out the Distinguished Alumni Award (the “Award”) since 1994. The Award recognizes and honors those alumni who demonstrate outstanding leadership or service to the local, national or global community beyond The Avery Coonley School. Recipients of the Award include ACS alumni who, through personal commitment, work ethic and service, best demonstrate the spirit and mission of Queene Ferry Coonley’s original vision.

All nominations are reviewed by members of the Alumni Council and then submitted for final selection to the Alumni Council President, the Head of School, and the staff at ACS who work on alumni matters (the “Selection Committee”). If the Alumni Council does not find a suitable candidate, then the Selection Committee may elect not to give out the Award that year. The selected recipient must be available to attend Alumni Weekend to receive the Award, or he or she must be able to come to campus during the school year for another major school event, such as Graduation, Spring Fair, etc. The Selection Committee reserves the right to review the attendance requirement and make exceptions in the event of extenuating circumstances or a posthumous award.

A member of the ACS alumni community, defined as any individual who has completed one or more academic year(s) at The Avery Coonley School, is eligible for nomination. Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated. Nominees who are not selected in any given year will remain eligible to receive the Award for the next four years, and will not need to be re-nominated during this time period.

Distinguished Alumni Award Criteria:

·       Candidate must be a member of the alumni body for at least 20 years from what would have been the date of their graduation from 8th Group (i.e. class year).

·       Candidate must have achieved a significant level of distinction within his or her chosen field and/or made a significant and positive difference in his or her community (for example: being recognized in your chosen field as a leader or serving as a volunteer for several years with an organization).

·       Candidate must symbolize the spirit of The Avery Coonley School and must hold a personal mission reflective of The Avery Coonley School’s mission in his or her everyday life.

·       Current members of the Alumni Council, School Board of Trustees, and current ACS employees are not eligible to receive the Award.

Nomination Process:

Complete a brief online application detailing the nominee’s achievements and accomplishments, along with a description of how the candidate qualifies for the Award and lives out the mission of The Avery Coonley School.

Supporting documentation may also be submitted with the nomination letter, including press clippings, testimonials, a resume, and any other pertinent information related to the nomination.

The recipient must meet one or more of the following criteria:

·       Significant success and/or prominence in their professional career or vocation bringing honor to themselves and to The Avery Coonley School

·       Exemplary service to the local, national or global community

·       A demonstrated affinity for The Avery Coonley School


Evaluation Criteria:

·       Nominee's notable achievement in his or her field/industry

·       How well the nominee exemplifies the school's mission through his/her work

·       Nominee's affinity for ACS as demonstrated by his/her involvement with The Avery Coonley School


Nominations are now open for the 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award. Applications will be accepted until April 30, 2019.


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