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The General Endowment Fund supports a wide range of needs at the school. This fund gives the administration flexibility in allocating resources to meet current and future needs — both operating and capital in nature. The investment earnings of this fund are of great value, as they can be used for the School's operating budget and can support classroom and facility improvements, technological enhancements, and academic programming, and other areas of continuing need.


The Professional Growth Endowment Fund, formerly named the Faculty Endowment Fund, provides vital resources for the ongoing professional development of the school’s faculty. Donations to this fund represent a significant investment in education at The Avery Coonley School by giving faculty the opportunity to pursue engaging and challenging experiences that will contribute to their professional development. A healthy Professional Growth Endowment Fund is a beacon for all to see that The Avery Coonley School is committed to excellence in teaching and to attracting and retaining faculty of the highest quality.

The Financial Aid Endowment Fund supports the school’s commitment to extend access to qualified students of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. ACS has a long-established program of financial aid to support families with academically qualified students who would be unable to attend the school without assistance. As tuition increases, the need for financial aid grows. A strong endowment for financial aid will ensure that Avery Coonley maintains its commitment to diversity and its ability to attract and enroll the most qualified students.


Gifts to each endowment fund and earnings on those gifts are permanently restricted to be used only for the intended purpose as described above.

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