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HSA Events

Family Fun Run: 9/14/2019 (Saturday)

HSA Enrichment Gathering: 9/9/2019 (Monday)

Fall Fest and Book Fair: 10/25/2019 (Friday)

Holiday House: 12/06/2019 (Friday)

HSA Enrichment Gathering: 11/11/2019 (Monday)

HSA Enrichment Gathering: 12/16/2019 (Monday)

HSA Enrichment Gathering: 1/6/2020 (Monday)

Parents' Night Out: 1/18/2020 (Saturday)

Heritage Festival Week: 3/2, 3/3, 3/4 & 3/6/2020 (Monday-Wednesday, Friday)

Heritage Festival (Dinner & Performances): 3/6/2020 (Friday)

Donuts & Chocolates: 10/25/2019 (Friday) & 12/06/2019 (Friday)


Committees and Chairs 2019-2020

Fun Run
Chairs: Tracy Blackburn, Ryan Havlick, Will Sickinger

The Fun Run committee and the ACS Development office work together to organize this annual event. Whereas the Fun Run was once a school day event, it now takes place on a Saturday, allowing all members of the school community to participate. The event has grown to include carnival games and other activities for young participants. The committee works to recruit, coordinate and direct the many volunteers needed both before and during the event. The Fun Run promotes health and fitness, and works to strengthen the ACS community.

Fall Fest Book Fair

Chairs: Katie Baldwin, Suzy Ennis, Carissa Means, Natalie Powell

This committee is responsible for planning and organizing the annual Book Fair. Some of the committee’s responsibilities include coordinating logistics with an outside vendor, managing the many parent volunteers who set up, staff and take down the fair, and establishing a system for accurately handling and tracking receipts. In addition, the committee works with the administration and teachers – who prepare wish lists for the classrooms and library – and is responsible for communications (e.g., posters, flyers, newsletters) to promote awareness of the fair. Proceeds from the Book Fair benefit enrichment programs offered to ACS students at Gatherings.

Fall Fest Dinner
Chairs: Tim Buzzard, Kavita Shah, Amy Walsh

The Fall Fest Dinner committee is responsible for helping to plan the theme, decorations, food and logistics for this annual family get-together. The committee also recruits, organizes and directs the volunteers and assists the Eighth Group students – who serve the dinner – in their preparation for the event. Tips from the Dinner Patrons go to the Eighth Group, who typically use it to purchase a class gift to the school.

Donuts & Chocolates
Chairs: Artemis Anos, Kate Havlick, Will Sickinger

This committee helps plan and coordinate the sale of donuts and chocolates during both Fall Fest Book Fair and Holiday House. The committee organizes volunteers to help pick up donuts, set up, staff the sales booth, clean up and close out sales. Proceeds benefit enrichment programs offered to ACS students at Gatherings.

Holiday House
Chairs: Jessica Armour-Ardizzone, Deb Bruns, Alice Chin, Michael Jan, Daile McCann, Michelle Stastny

ACS’ Holiday House is planned and organized by this committee. The committee works to secure a diverse group of vendors and coordinates logistics with them. The committee is responsible for organizing the parent volunteers who set up, staff and disassemble Holiday House and for establishing a system for accurately handling and tracking receipts. The committee also promotes awareness of the fair through posters, flyers and newsletters. Proceeds from the Holiday House benefit enrichment programs offered to ACS students at Gatherings

Parents Night Out
Chairs: Pradeep Jain, Nina Tipton

The Parents Night Out committee plans and coordinates an annual adults-only social event. In past years, this event has included dinners, wine tastings, bowling nights and Trivia Nights. This event provides an opportunity for ACS parents to socialize with one another.

Heritage Festival – Games around the World

Chairs: Julie Cirillo, Genene Murphy, Sheetal Narahari

This committee recruits and organizes volunteers to lead games, activities and crafts, all of which showcase and celebrate the diverse cultural heritages of the school community. During Heritage Week, students participate in these volunteer-led events during their recess period.

Heritage Festival – Dinner & Performances

Chairs: Lisa Castle, Jacquie Orr

This committee helps celebrate the cultural diversity of our school by planning a casual family dinner at the end of Heritage Week. The format of the dinner is determined by the committee members, and can be a pot-luck or catered event. The evening also typically features ethnic performances by our students. The committee members handle performance sign-ups and logistics.

Chairs: Dhevi Kandasamy, David Wilner

The Enrichment committee is responsible for identifying and organizing special events and gatherings for ACS students.

Chair: Beth Spiegel

The Artsonia committee coordinates with the art teacher to photograph and upload student artwork. The committee collects signed forms from parents at the beginning of the year and communicates with room parents and the ACS community when artwork is uploaded to the site. This wonderful program allows families to purchase items featuring the students' artwork.

Go Green
Chair: Stephanie Bullwinkel

The Go Green committee works with school Administration to plan green initiatives for ACS students and families throughout the year.

Treats for Teachers
Chair: Kelly Shipman

The Treats for Teachers committee organizes volunteers to deliver “treats” (e.g., fruits, vegetables, cheese and crackers, baked goods) to the teacher’s lounge on selected dates through the year. This program was developed as one way to show our teachers how much we appreciate their efforts.

Memory Book
Chairs: Carissa Means, Malini Patel, Natalie Powell

This committee recruits and coordinates Memory Book volunteers from each group. The committee determines the standard platform on which the books will be created and establishes the basic requirements for the books. The committee supports the volunteers through training sessions, helping the volunteers take or collect photos and providing feedback on the books as they are created. The committee also determines the book deadlines, promotes the books in the school community, works with the printer to get the books printed and helps to deliver the books. Order your memory book here!

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