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We are excited to kick-off the 2022-2023 school year with you. To ensure a smooth start to the new year, we ask families to complete all required forms prior to the first day of school on August 18th, 2022. Please read the information very carefully.  

GENERAL SCHOOL FORMS - (Return to Angela Tufo, Front Desk Receptionist)

Permission Form (required) - This form authorizes the School to use photographs and/or video of students for marketing and publicity, and to release the student’s name for public recognition. It also grants permission for students to participate in school-related trips. (Parents/guardians will always be notified about all class field trips.)  Please initial each item to grant your permission.

Pick-up Authorization & Carpool Form (required) This form lists and authorizes individuals other than parents/guardians to pick-up a student from school. It also requests information about family carpools.

Permission to Walk Home From School Form – Please return this form only if parents/guardians grant permission for their child(ren) to walk home from school.

Artsonia Permission Form - This form is only required for new families. 

MEDICAL FORMS - (Return to Angela Tufo)

Child Health Examination Form - Required for all EC, new JK, Kindergarten, Group 6, Middle School students participating in a sport, and those students new to The Avery Coonley School. A current physical exam is one which is completed within one year of the start of the school year. Sports physicals are valid for 13 months prior to the start of the first practice. The State of Illinois mandates that students be excluded from attending school on October 15th if this form has not been received.

Dental Exam Form - Required for all Kindergarten, Group 2, Group 6 students, and those students new to The Avery Coonley School.

Eye Examination Form - Required for all Kindergarten students and students new to The Avery Coonley School.

Allergies Action Plan - Required for all students with food and/or insect allergies.

Asthma Action Plan - Required for all students with asthma.

Seizure Condition Action Plan - Required for all students with a seizure condition.

Diabetes Action Plan - Required for all students with diabetes.

Asthma Self-Medication Form – Required for a student who requests permission to self-administer asthma medication.

Medication Permission Form - Required for all over-the-counter and prescription medications to be administered at school.

Concussion Information Form 

Sports Physical Form