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Optimal Challenge



Let’s go. Then, let’s keep going.

You’ve noticed that your child has an insatiable appetite to learn. Whether they’re a voracious reader, take on complex projects, or ask in-depth questions, they are never satisfied with simple tasks and simple answers. They are highly motivated and need a curriculum with the depth, pace, and complexity that will challenge them to the fullest. 

The Avery Coonley School provides an invigorating experience for children who want to be challenged. Founded by an educational innovator who opened the first kindergartens in the Chicago area, we offer an accelerated and enriched curriculum in which bright, motivated children learn through exploration, no matter where learning takes place. 


The most important attitude that can be formed is that of desire to go on learning.
John Dewey

No Ceiling on Learning

To challenge and inspire eager learners, ACS teachers employ a project-based curriculum driven by student interests.

  • Because fewer rote-learning activities and repetitions are required for subject mastery, students are allowed to quickly explore higher levels of thinking. Boredom is not an option.
  • Opportunities for independent and group work encourage students to engage their own interests and benefit from different perspectives.
  • Emphasis on both divergent and convergent thinking supports creative problem solving.

Extending the Challenge


Why French?

Learning another language improves memory, focus, and critical thinking skills. At Avery Coonley, French instruction begins in Junior Kindergarten, and students in Groups One through Eight have French four times each week. Culture and language are woven throughout the ACS curriculum to create meaningful learning experiences.

Artwork done by ACS preschool student



Bright children gain a foundation for eager learning.




Gifted education at Avery Coonley begins in Kindergarten.



Lower & Middle School

Gifted education for all students, all day.